Rios of Mercedes History

Rios of Mercedes History:


Rios of Mercedes History:

Since 1853, the grandparents of Zeferino and Abraham Rios started making cavalry boots for the Maximillian’s soldiers in General Teran, Nuevo Leon Mexico.

In 1901, the Rios Family moved to the Rio Grande Valley and continued perfecting the art of boot making.

In 1969, Zeferino retires and sells to Joe and Trainor Evans.

In 1983, Pat Moody joins Rios of Mercedes and brings his many years of Retail Experience to the management team.

In 1987, a second brand, Anderson Bean launches. The family –inspired name is from the maiden names of Trainor’s mother and grandmother.

In 1999, Ryan Vaughan joins the Rios of Mercedes management team, spearheading the launch of the Anderson Bean Kid’s boot line.

In 2001, a third brand, Olathe Boot Company joins the Rios of Mercedes family, bringing respected well-built boots that have been American made since 1875.

In 2005, the Horse Power line launches as the fourth brand in the family, giving a new young group of customers an affordable yet edgy-styled boot.

In 2007, the fifth brand, Macie Bean launches with design direction from Jode Vaughan to appeal to young fashion-conscious women.

In 2015, Miss Macie, the sixth brand launches with vision of bohemian country combined with an edgy western side.

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