Black Clover Live Lucky Caps - Two Toned Vintage 30 - Navy / Ultramarine / White Mesh

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Black Clover Live Lucky Caps - Two Toned Vintage 30 - Navy / Ultramarine / White Mesh

Apparel Designed for Work, Play, & Life - Syntrel Fabric has exceptional sweat-transport. Syntrel is an extreme moisture-transport knit fabric made of 100% polyester microfiber. Syntrel combines unique microfiber packets with advanced knitting technology to channel moisture from the body and allow free flow of air for high performance activities. 

What is Moisture Transport Technology?  - Moisture transport technology ensures fabric with outstanding dry performance. With moisture transport technology, moisture is absorbed at high rates and distributed over a wide area of the fabric. This allows the moisture to evaporate better and the fabric to stay dry. Smart blends of cotton/microfiber constructed in our unique way for optimal performance. 

What is Dri-Balance Technology?  - Dri-Balance is a technologically engineered cotton/polyester fabric that provides optimum combination of moisture transport, quick-dry performance, and enhanced comfort properties. The two-layer construction includes advanced sweat-absorption technology that provides the body with more dry protection and endurance than any other cotton rich performance fabric. 

  • PolyTech Fabric 
  • Navy / Ultramarine / White
  • Snapback Adjustable
  • FlexFit 110 Technology
  • Structured
  • Low Profile
  • Adjustable
Our products are designed with intent-- intent to provide not only the leading technology in textiles and materials, but to also inspire every person that comes across the Clover to live life with a full authenticity & a splash of luck.

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